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Hello and thank you for your interest in ProTech Robotics!
ProTech Robotics™ is the leading global supplier of parts and accessories for the iRobot Roomba, Scooba and Neato Robotics VX vacuum and floor cleaner product lines! Our state of the art repair facility on the west coast of Florida is the ONLY service center worldwide that specializes in the diagnostic evaluation and repair of the iRobot Roomba, Scooba and Neato Robotics models.

Why should you buy from ProTech Robotics?
THe robotic manufacturers of the units that we sell and service do not offer any internal parts that would allow the end user to complete their own repairs, this leaves the end user searching for dead or dying units on auction sites like eBay and Yahoo to harvest parts, components and circuits. All too often the buyers find that they have something in common with the sellers... the parts that wear out and fail are the ones that wore out on the sellers robotic appliance too. This turns a seemingly "great deal" on parts into a costly mistake and a waste of time.

Our Goal is to supply you with the parts and accessories that you need, and to get them to you as quickly as possible.

Why should I have ProTech Robotics repair my vacuum?
The answer to this lies within our business principles and practices. As a matter of policy we ONLY use Brand NEW replacement parts for our repair services. If our name goes on it then it will be repaired the right way!
Our main focus for the Repair Service is to Repair, not replace your robotic appliance and we restore them back to a like new, functional and reliable state of operation by using ONLY 100% Brand New replacement parts. We also carry a full inventory of parts for customers who wish to do their own repairs.

How do we do what we do.
Everyone who has ever tried to get their roomba repaired once it goes out of warranty service knows that finding the right part or just any part can be a daunting challenge, that coupled with the fact that iRobot does not offer internal replacement parts to the end user puts the consumer at a disadvantage when a repair is needed. What we do is fill that gap between manufacturer and consumer by providing new and reconditioned roomba parts to the general public. How do we do what we do? We purchase pallets of new stock from several sources that are a combination of factory over production units and retail store overstock.

Is ProTech Robotics affiliated or a subsidiary of iRobot?
No, ProTech Robotics is not connected or affiliated with iRobot in any way nor are we an authorized reseller, thus the manufacturer may deny any warranty claims solely based on that fact. We do not represent or have any knowledge of any specific manufacturers warranty claim policy and cannot represent that a product is in anyway covered by a manufacturers warranty.  We stand behind everything we sell and guarantee that they will be in the condition described and will function as intended when they arrive.

We are not certified iRobot repair technicians so any parts, supplies or repair advice that you receive from us directly by phone or email, from customer support or repair technicians will not be covered by any existing iRobot roomba manufacturers warranty and will likely void any remaining warranty still in effect.

Some parts may have delicate circuitry or wiring and should ONLY be installed by a skilled professional.

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